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Which one would you pick (from animated to live action)

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    I was thinking of this idea while I was rewatching the batman animated series, but I thought it might suit transformers better (besides no batman forum)

    If they wee doing an anniversary celebration for transformers a few years down the line and they decided to really show off for the annivesary and opted to have three episodes of the transformes series remade as 20 minute live action shorts using the technology from the films but the voice acting from the original (for the bots). And they put it up that he episodes would be selected by popular vote which ones would you nominate?

    I thought as a series that suffered serious continuity issues to begin with, a nice updaing of fan favourites would prove popular.

    So what episodes would you like to see done up with the sfx of the big films but the plot and characters of the series?