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The Horrorthon.



  • Closed Accounts Posts: 2,457 ✭✭✭Cactus Col

    WadeTalon wrote: »

    Worst Films : The Decent 2 , Salvage (first twenty minutes were great then it turned to muck) , Grace , Jennifers Body

    Salvage was an interesting one ... I had hoped that the discolouration was going to last through the whole film. Was disappointed when it switched back to normal. Originally thought it was a very brave decision by the film makers, rather than a big cock up in the projection box.
    WadeTalon wrote: »
    Well done to Ed and everyone else involved had a great weekend roll on 2010

    Absolutely, they do a great job each year. Have been going for the past 5 years (I think) and this has been the best one yet.

    Was the Descent 2 that bad?

  • Registered Users Posts: 53 ✭✭WadeTalon

    Cactus Col wrote: »

    Was the Descent 2 that bad?


    for example here is a line from the film

    Fat Sheriff: What are these creatures

    Juno: (Delivery in the cheesiest growly girl voice) - They are Death....Follwed by the whole cinema busting a nut with laughter.

    It was utter muck,Marshall didnt direct this one, he was exec producer, which means he collected a nice big cheque and moved on.

  • Registered Users Posts: 746 ✭✭✭Vim Fuego

    I completely bailed on the Monday, I was just cinema'ed out by that stage.

    Quick run down of what I saw over the weekend, already spoke about Jennifer's Body (Boo) and Trick R Treat (Yay).

    Grace - this was really built up amongst my friends for some reason. It was rather boring to be fair, the biggest reaction from the audience came when a middle-aged women exposed her breast. I wouldn't recommend it, watch Rosemary's Baby or something similar instead.

    Black Dynamite - Not a horror in any way, shape of form but it was great craic. Probably the funniest film I've seen in quite a while with loads of great moments. I'll probably pick this up on DVD.

    Day of the Dead - I haven't seen this in years so it was great to refresh my memory on the big screen. Joe Pilato was quite entertaining as well in a mildly-eccentric way.

    I had overheard disparaging comments from other attendees about that fact that Joe and Ken Foree were selling merch at the horrorthon. I wasn't particularly interested or bothered in their autographs anyway but I thought it was a little sad that this is how those guys make their living. That is until Ian McCulloch explained that it was seriously big business in the states. Still, there's something a little sad about revelling in a past glory from 25 years ago :(

    Zone of the Dead - I actually left this screening part way through as I was starving at this stage. The sound levels of the film seemed to be all over the place as well, which was really wrecking my head. Some actors were at normal volume, Ken Foree was really loud and any sort of gunshot or sound effects were really too loud for me. The overdubbing was too much for me as well. I must be getting old. The parts I saw were pretty bad though. I'm just sorry I missed the Q&A afterwards as Ken seemed to be a bit more 'together' than Joe Pilato.

    The House of the Devil - Probably the film of the festival for me. I loved the 80's setting and how it evoked the fear of satanic cults from this time. I loved Jocelin Donahue, great performance and as the programme said, she really is cute as a button, despite having to wear the naff 80's gear. Anyway, the film was a really enjoyable slow-burner. While the ending was a little cheesy (it is an 80's throwback after all), I think it worked well. I now want to see more films about satanic cults.

    Contamination - the film was ok, I was completely unaware of the Zombie Flesh Eaters link being Ian McColloch. As Cactus Col said, he was probably the best speaker at the festival. He was perfectly frank about his co-star being a wanker, doing dodgetastic films for the money and his relationship with Fulchi. The film itself had a better first half, thought it lost its way when the location changed. I wouldn't particularly go out of my way to see it again.

    Paranormal Activity - This was the surprise film and as I said, I thought it was great. I didn't know much about it before seeing it which is probably for the best. Mild spoiler:
    I now know that there are multiple endings, but I think the one we saw was the best
    . After doing some reading, I see it has divided opinions. If you liked Blair Witch and that style, I think you would enjoy this. I personally find ghostly bumps and sounds fecking terrifying so it sh*t me right up, probably more than any other this week.

    The Undying - More of a ghostly/supernatural film than a straight up horror movie. It's about a ghost who inherits the body of a recent brain dead patient supplied by a recently bereaved doctor. It was an enjoyable watch, decent performances but I think it could have been better if
    it had played more on the issue of 'is the woman mental or being fooled by Jason Donovan (lol) but it was cut and dried by the very end
    . I liked it but not enough to recommend it. I liked the Q&A with Steven Peros, I felt a bit bad for the him that the world première of his film was half-empty with plenty of people leaving during the film. Nevertheless, for a non-film type like myself, I thought his insights into making a film and getting it distributed were very interesting. He mentioned that his next film would be set in Ireland, I loved the warning he got about not making us look like cheesy leprechauns haha but he handled the question well by talking about how he collaborates with actors and others involved in filming.

    Samurai Cop - As you would imagine, poor yet amazing at the same time. One for taking the piss out of in a mystery science theatre kind of way.

    Anyway, like I said, I shamefully and regrettably missed the entire last day so I would be interested in other's views on those films.

    I enjoyed the festival this year but I won't be missing the bad queues, the dark kit-kats, the waiting around and the terrifyingly-obese horror nerds that laughed just a little too hard and pointed at the screen during cheesy moments (that goes for a small minority before anyone gets upset).

    Looking forward to next year (and also the movies on in the Screen this week).

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,222 ✭✭✭Decuc500

    As Decuc500 said, he was probably the best speaker at the festival.

    Wasn't me!
    The House of the Devil - Probably the film of the festival for me.

    I really, really wanted to see this but couldn't make Saturday night. Any chances of it getting a cinema release?

  • Registered Users Posts: 53 ✭✭WadeTalon

    There was a great little Irish Short on before Descent 2, It was good, funny thing about it, it was paranormal activity done in 15 minutes, and it worked.

    Best new film on the last Day was The Horseman. A brilliant Aussie revenge flick. Then there was Gremlins which was great on the big screen.

    The only problem I had with the weekend was the piss poor job done by the projectionist. At least 6 times during the last day the projector went down, and For the first 20 minutes of Salvage everyone looked like Smurfs, with this Blue hue over the print.

    I will also double the sentiment about the idiot nerds, especially the ones (could the same guy for both) who shouted out Ho Chi Ming at Ken Foree, and then asked Ian McColloch how many times a week does he screw. Idiots!

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,816 ✭✭✭Acacia

    Vim Fuego wrote: »
    It was called Paranormal Activity. Thought it was pretty good myself :-)

    Thank you!:)

    I would go see it again in the cinema if it comes out on general release here.

    Really enjoyed the Horrorthon, especially the free chocolate!:p

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,247 ✭✭✭✭6th

    Acacia wrote: »
    Thank you!:)

    I would go see it again in the cinema if it comes out on general release here.

    As I said above general release is 25th Nov across Ireland.

  • Registered Users Posts: 615 ✭✭✭NunianVonFuch

    Only caught the Thursday films due to some horrendously bad holiday planning! :mad: Least I've seen of the Horrorthon in 6 years!

    I enjoyed Jennifer's Body for what it was, you guys are way too cynical! It was a bit of a laugh with gore and sexiness and easily better than some of the flicks they've had over the years and certainly preferable to Saw VI which is the only other "big name" release suitable for slapping on all the posters. (Zombieland being perfect but already released) The dialogue was nonsensical for the most part, sometimes self-aware like it was trying to be a new Scream but slightly dumber or sometimes just plain daft ("Ow my tit!" "No, that's your heart" being a "memorable" highlight) but the way the characters reacted in each scene tended to be unexpected so it kept things interesting throughout. No classic then, just a crazed ridiculous romp.

    Trick r Treat as others have said was excellent. Great spooky gothic horror. The humour throughout it was spot on, cast was perfect and I'll be sure to pick up the DVD/BD ASAP!

    Since I missed the others, was there anything as terrifying or in the same vein as Martyrs this year? Film scarred me for life! Paranormal Activity's been on my radar for awhile now, great choice for Surprise Film, getting big buzz in the states both critically and commercially. :D

  • Registered Users Posts: 55 ✭✭Surly

    WadeTalon wrote: »
    There was a great little Irish Short on before Descent 2, It was good, funny thing about it, it was paranormal activity done in 15 minutes, and it worked.

    Any more feedback on this lads?

    It's called Through The Night, directed by Lee Cronin and edited by yours truly.

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,042 ✭✭✭spooky donkey

    dam missed it all. WOuld love to see that short its not on you tube or any place like that? Its them mad little shorts that make horrorthon I think.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 55 ✭✭Surly

    Not on Youtube, as it's doing the festival rounds.

    Website here.