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Clairemorris to Collooney cyclepath


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    In what way more viable than a railway line - it's not exactly comparing like with like is it? Might as well say it more viable than building a canal between Claremorris and Collooney or an underground. Where are all the cyclists going to come from? It's not exactly a scenic route anyway. My memory of it from travelling it in 1981 is of bog, more bog and scrubby poor agricultural land dotted with 'one off' houses - and bog! :D

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    I have an idea what it is like but you feel it is not a viable project.
    I think it would bring alot of patronage and along with it money to the area. I for one would have no problem if I could pay a toll of two euro's and be able to cycle along the west of the country on a nice sunny day with no cars to bother me and. I think there is not a walking or cycling enthusaist that would'nt think it is a runner currently a railway line in a low densely populated area with an infrequent bus service is not a case you could bring to the bank and expect to be sucess, but a walkway might do.

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    Thanks for the post OP. We are starting to see some sense emerging now of what is possible and right to do versus what is costly and wrong.

    I'd be all in favour of this, and have said so before. In fact, continue it all the way to Athenry altogether.

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    nothing wrong with it in theory but it should not interfere with whatever railway infrastructure is left

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    A cyclepath , at least, maintains the permanent way route and stops farmers bulldozing it and building cowsheds on it like they did between Dunboyne and Navan or between Patrickswell and Charleville or Patrickswell and Tralee ....... as a friend of mine found .

    It keeps your long term options open .

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    The funny thing about this proposal is that it would probably get more users than the railway would :)

    I think it is a good idea and is popular in other countries.

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    OP this has been debated much on the WRC thread, and also look at the Greenways thread - I have also recently started a thread on the subject int he regional north west sligo forum

    I am trying to steer people to that thread if they support the idea and if they are in the area (sligo Mayo) I have come to the conclusion that to drive this idea forward it has to come from the local community - and that is where the idea needs to be planted, nurtured and developed