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C+H Sports Discussion Thread



  • Crap.

  • Crap.

    And it gets worse...

  • I apologise?

  • I apologise?

    I'm choosing to blame one of the lads from my Facebook feed instead. Things got worse every time he posted this evening!

    I saw the point made elsewhere that our problem is the lack of a "star". We have plenty of good players but nobody in tonight's squad stands out at the top level like Eriksson does.

  • I don't even think it's that. We've hard working players, but we don't have a goal scorer. If Seani Maguire hadn't been injured, if he'd come on in the last 15 in Copenhagen it could have been a different story.

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  • Another exciting weekend of sport this week!

    Muldoon with a perfect send-off after well over 300 games for Connacht. Munster with a great recovery to deny Ulster a winning bonus point, and great experience for some players who haven't played much this season. Donncha O'Callaghan also had a great performance at Worcester in his last game of professional rugby.

    Wes Hoolihan with a fairytale last home game for Norwich, getting the guard of honour at the start before scoring one and setting up the winner.

    Katy Taylor doing proud again and picking up her second World Title belt, a unanimous decision from the judges, and half way to unifying the 4 titles in her weight class.

    Celtic hammered Rangers to win their 7th Scottish Premiership in a row and set up a potential Double Treble.

    And Accrington Stanley confirmed their League 2 title!

    Man United still have to play Arsenal this evening, and Barcelona could wrap up the Spanish league tonight as well.

  • If Bohs could, you know, play football and not fail miserably repeatedly, that'd be AMAZING.

    It's gonna be a long, long, LONG season lads

  • Lads...

  • Two nights in a row, guys. :D :eek:

  • I love how my last post here was complaining about Bohs playing awfully. NOT THIS SEASON.

    What a match last night though. Still can't believe that third goal happened, and if the Ajax keeper hadn't been timewasting it wouldn't have.

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  • Went down a YouTube rabbit hole this morning watching martial arts and boxing videos, and eventually stumbled upon a UFC 20th anniversary compilation of their Top 20 Knock Out finishes from the first two decades of the business.

    The excitement during those early years was a real marvel. The fighters may not have been as technically well-rounded as the modern era, but characters like Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, Forrest Griffin, BJ Penn, they were awesome to watch.

  • I wish I'd bought a new football before all the sports shops closed. I bet I'd be really good at keepy -uppies by now...

  • I wish I'd bought a new football before all the sports shops closed. I bet I'd be really good at keepy -uppies by now...

    Could you get one from Amazon? They have a few decently priced ones

  • Could you get one from Amazon? They have a few decently priced ones

    I ended up doing exactly that (and picked out a beautiful Mitre ball with black and yellow patterns) but then neglected to actually use it. :pac: I'll have to pump it up soon and start working on my control again.

    Looks like we'll have live sport from the UK on our TVs again pretty soon. Part of me misses playing GAA and football at a local level, but I'm enjoying being able to run whenever I want now. I always used to sacrifice long distance runs when I had regular team-sports training and matches.

  • 1-1 in Bulgaria. Apparently not a terrible result!