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Dutch course

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    Does anyone know if the Dutch course taught at The Sandford Language Institute is any good? I've seem some negative feedback in regards to other languages courses there, but I haven't see anything on Dutch.

    Does anyone know of a good Dutch language course? I have a very basic knowledge of Dutch, as I have learned most of it as an au pair in Den Haag and through Rosetta Stone.

    Any thoughts would be welcome.



  • Hi,

    I did the beginners Dutch course there last year and to be honest I think it really depends on the teacher that you get. We weren't very lucky initially but his replacement was better. I'm looking for courses too-they offer an evening course during term-time in Trinity but it seems to be more Flemish than Dutch (or so I'm told). There's also a place in Clontarf that offers private Dutch lessons but I don't know anything about them (the website is Not sure if that is remotely helpful but let me know if you need more info!

  • Dutch courses are hard to find. I've heard mixed reviews of the school you mentioned. Hit or miss like the person above states. There are private lessons, but they are very pricey.