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Portuguese translation help

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 46 ✭✭✭ paddymorrison

    Hello, I need to understand what this says:

    Uma vez que refere ter estado aqui na Conservatória, para fins de localização do assunto emquestão, solicito se digne remeter cópia do documento que lhe foi emitido por esta Conservatória aqui ao balcão no dia 8 de Junho.
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    Conceição Girão

    I think it says something like, once I have been to the Conservatória, to finalise the request, I should request a copy of the document emitted by them, on 8 June. My Portuguese isn't great, it's mostly guessing. Could someone help me please? Thanks a million.


  • Paddy,
    Your translation was pretty good. Just note the difference between "I should request" and "I ask you to submit".

    Since you mentioned to have been here in this "Conservatória", in order to find the matter you refered to, I ask you to submit a copy of the document that was issued by this "Conservatória" (at the counter) on the 8th of June.

    All the best.

  • Muito obrigado!

  • De nada.

  • I would like to continue this to ask;

    Is there 'Portugues' class lessons in Dublin this Autumn and Winter?
    And are there many opportunities to meet Portugues speakers in Dublin?

    I am hoping to travel to Portugal in November or December.

  • LiamMc wrote: »
    Is there 'Portugues' class lessons in Dublin this Autumn and Winter?

    I know there are Portuguese classes available in Dublin but unfortunately don't know where. I am not sure if UCD in Dublin run these courses, maybe you can try asking them...?

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