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Singer Wanted for Melodic Metal Band

  • 21-05-2009 10:00pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 5 ✭✭✭ hanans

    We're a 6 piece melodic metal band. Our current singer shall soon be departing from us for bigger and brighter things. If you are interested in joining us pm me.

    Here's our myspace so you can get an idea.

    Sex is not an issue, we're looking for someone who can sing and is willing to embrace and contribute new and strange things musically.


  • Hi, Had a listen to your myspace, and definately would be interested in trying out! I love the combination of metal guitars with female vocals, so it was great to see your ad! Love Trivium, BFMV, Metallica, Evansecence, Him, etc. I dont have any recording of a performance that I can send you, but can audition for ya.

  • Bump:pac:

  • Any more takers?