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Art History Essays



  • ''We'' ur essay are fantastic for reading over.

  • one thing i read in "less stress more success" is that you must relate in some way the question your doing to your practcle studies that were done in may...

  • ooh these are fantastic essays! just shows how useless my art teacher is :P
    you wouldnt happen to have anything to do with the product design section or the ardagh chalice?

  • Great essays!

    Anything on NewGrange, Renaissance or Van gogh?


  • Thanks so much for the essays :)

    My art teacher told us to write 2 and a half pages then do a page of sketches, would this be enough? Going by the essays here it doesn't seem to be =/

    And any predictions? Newgrange seems to be a cert seeing as it didn't come up last year?

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  • I'm not a fan of the essay-style answer for art history, which is odd, since I love writing english essays!

    I just find we don't have the time to write three decent essays with good sketches the allocated time, so I use bullet points. It gets you the marks, and woaaaaah it's much quicker!!

  • do you have any essays on leonardo da vinci on the mona lisa,virgin on the rocks and the last supper? also essays on the ardagh chalice ,tara brooch and petrie crown? and the stone carvings from the 5/6th century to 10th century ahenny cross? and on the baptisry doors in florence and the panels?:)

  • We wrote: »
    If there is interest, I will try and contribute a few more.. Let me know :)

    Also, I'm not sure if these would be A1 essays, but I presume they would be as they're lenghty enough and fulfil all the requirements laid out by the marking schemes...

    We. :)
    stone age esaay please ??

  • do you have any essays on irish manuscripts..leonardo da vinci ie virgin of the rocks and mona lisa....ghibirti panels in florence baptistry and essays on high crosses 5th-11th century? also any on tara brooch and ardagh chalice :)

  • Thank you for the answers, it will help me a lot.

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