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Paddy samurai maybe 50 books in a year



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    I finished this one a while back and I think it proves the point "Never judge a book by its cover. A highly enjoyable read with part 2 & 3 already ordered and sitting on my shelf.


    Welcome to Araxes, where getting murdered is just the start of your problems.

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    I finished this a while back and forgot to post. 10/10 for me ,but I do love Abercrombies books. Amazing characters.:)
    Conspiracy. Betrayal. Rebellion.
    Peace is just another kind of battlefield . . .

    Savine dan Glokta, once Adua's most powerful investor, finds her judgement, fortune and reputation in tatters. But she still has all her ambitions, and no scruple will be permitted to stand in her way.

    For heroes like Leo dan Brock and Stour Nightfall, only happy with swords drawn, peace is an ordeal to end as soon as possible. But grievances must be nursed, power seized and allies gathered first, while Rikke must master the power of the Long Eye . . . before it kills her.

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    I like this series big time .The world setting and back story are highly entertaining.Part 3 is on the shelf.:D

    Stolen from the widow’s clutches, master thief and ghost Caltro Basalt must learn new ways to survive the cutthroat society of the Arctian Empire. His one hope for freedom and justice? A gift from the dead gods, who continue to beg for a saviou

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,011 ✭✭✭ Paddy Samurai

    This will be a ok read for most people but I liked it big time.
    Anything involving Crusades or Templars and I'm in .
    A easy read about the fall of Acre.
    Ive read better books about the subject but this is still a enjoyable read IMO.

    Almost two hundred years have elapsed since the Crusader armies took Jerusalem. Now it is the turn of the Saracen to seek revenge and send an overwhelming force against the last Christian enclave in the Holy Land. In Acre, the defenders await their fate. Knight and bishop, mercenary and merchant, all will be tested and all may perish. For this is the endgame. No quarter will be given and no mercy shown.
    William of Beaujeu, Grand Master of the Templars, will stop at little to secure the city and preserve his legendary military order. He knows that final judgement is approaching and that time is running out. But among the garrison are allies - the adventurer de Flor, Theobald, the young Hospitaller, the court dwarf Amethyst, the camel master Selim and the orphan boy and spy Benedict - who must stay alive in the chaos to be unleashed. In their midst prowl the feared Assassins and sinister enemies from among a rabble army of Italians. Deserted by the pope and the princes of Europe, it seems as if Acre faces annihilation - but perhaps something can still be salvaged from perdition .

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    Wanted something different and found this when rooting through the pile for my next read. Its a ok read with a interesting plot that could have been great.I liked the idea of the Blackwood character but he ended up being hit and miss for me.I'm curious to see how the storyline develops further so I still might check out part 2 to see if it improves.

    A horrific crime that defies explanation, a rookie FBI agent in uncharted territory, and an extraordinary hero for the ages: an investigation spirals out of control in this heart-pounding thriller.
    Odessa Hardwicke's life is derailed when she's forced to turn her gun on her partner, Walt Leppo, a decorated FBI agent who turns suddenly, inexplicably violent while apprehending a rampaging murderer. The shooting, justified by self-defense, shakes the young FBI agent to her core. Devastated, Odessa is placed on desk leave pending a full investigation. But what most troubles Odessa isn't the tragedy itself -- it's the shadowy presence she thought she saw fleeing the deceased agent's body after his death.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 3,011 ✭✭✭ Paddy Samurai

    I really enjoyed this series overall and would recommend people giving it a try.As said previously ,never judge a book by its cover.;)
    The battle for the emperor’s throne grows ever fiercer. The City of Countless Souls cowers behind locked doors as the whims of the downtrodden and the powerful bring the great game of Araxes to its chaotic conclusion.

    With the soulblade at his hip and magic in his soul, Caltro’s freedom is almost within his grasp. But as Temsa’s reign of murder clashes with Widow Horix’s plans, the locksmith’s fate becomes all the more entwined with the needs of dead gods, vengeful royals, and the Cult.

    While the Core Districts descend into chaos, debts left unpaid in the desert haunt Nilith’s long-awaited arrival in the city. A new foe is hunting her through the streets, an enemy with enough power to rival even that of the Cloudpiercer.

    Yet all their struggles pale in comparison to the dark omen that is spreading through the empire, lurking beneath their feet:

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    A very easy light read but still a lot of fun.I love the post apocalyptic setting with the remains of humanity surviving in nuclear powered airships.Forced to scavenge on the wastleland of planet earth the Helldivers are sent out to keep the airships afloat.
    This series/idea has great potential and while there are some plot holes I love the whole idea and will probably try part two out of curiosity.
    As said before it would make a great neflix series.

    More than two centuries after World War III poisoned the planet, the final bastion of humanity lives on massive airships circling the globe in search of a habitable area to call home. Aging and outdated, most of the ships plummeted back to earth long ago. The only thing keeping the two surviving lifeboats in the sky are Hell Divers--men and women who risk their lives by skydiving to the surface to scavenge for parts the ships desperately need.
    When one of the remaining airships is damaged in an electrical storm, a Hell Diver team is deployed to a hostile zone called Hades. But there's something down there far worse than the mutated creatures discovered on dives in the past--something that threatens the fragile future of humanity.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,011 ✭✭✭ Paddy Samurai

    Picked this one from the pile must be its shiny cover.:D
    Its a long time since I read a book about Elves and dwarfs (muskets included) so it was a change of pace for me. Not top notch but still a entertaining read. I might seek out the rest in the series.I need to get back on track and stop starting new series till I finish some of the others that I have started.:o

    Forcibly summoned out of exile to resurrect the Iron Elves regiment he once had led, disgraced elf officer Konowa Swift Dragon is ordered to fight an elf witch of immense dark power, a mission that is compromised by doubts about the elves' loyalty to their empire.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,011 ✭✭✭ Paddy Samurai

    A cracking highly enjoyable read for history fans.Reminds me a lot of Angus Donalds Robin Hood series.You can tell that Ben has researched the period big time.Looking forward to part 2.
    Ben even manages to bring in a Irish dimension with the main character coming from where he lived .
    1179. Henry II is King of England, Wales, Ireland, Normandy, Brittany and Aquitaine. The House of Plantagenet reigns supreme.

    But there is unrest in Henry's house. Not for the first time, his family talks of rebellion.

    Ferdia - an Irish nobleman taken captive during the conquest of his homeland - saves the life of Richard, the king's son. In reward for his bravery, he is made squire to Richard, who is already a renowned warrior.

    Crossing the English Channel, the two are plunged into a campaign to crush rebels in Aquitaine. The bloody battles and gruelling sieges which followed would earn Richard the legendary name of Lionheart.

    But Richard's older brother, Henry, is infuriated by his sibling's newfound fame. Soon it becomes clear that the biggest threat to Richard's life may not be rebel or French armies, but his own family..

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,011 ✭✭✭ Paddy Samurai

    Addictive like junk food ,not good for you but tasty.:D
    Switch off your brain , ignore the odd plot hole and enjoy the ride. A mix of Aliens and Snowpiercer but set on a airship 200 years after nuclear apocalypse .


    Ten years ago, Hell Diver Xavier "X" Rodriguez fell to Earth.
    Those he left behind went on without him aboard the airship he once called home. Michael Everhart--the boy once known as Tin--has grown into a man and the commander of Hell Diver Raptor Team. While Michael dives to help keep the Hive in the air, Captain Leon Jordan rules with an iron fist at the helm of the ship. But unrest stirs under his strict leadership as a prophecy of hope sweeps the lower decks........

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  • Registered Users Posts: 3,011 ✭✭✭ Paddy Samurai

    I finished this one a while back.The series is a entertaining read overall . It was a nice change of pace and although there are more in the series I'll be getting back to my normal reading pile.
    Maybe if I get a beach holiday in the future I might bring a couple with me.:)


    The New York Times and USA Today bestselling series
    They will dive, but will humanity survive?
    Left for dead on the nightmarish surface of the planet, Commander Michael Everhart and his team of Hell Divers barely escape with their lives aboard a new airship called Deliverance.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,457 ✭✭✭✭ Thargor

    I finished this a while back and forgot to post. 10/10 for me ,but I do love Abercrombies books. Amazing characters.:)
    Hes back on form with these alright, Im tearing through them, next one in September.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,011 ✭✭✭ Paddy Samurai

    Thargor wrote: »
    Hes back on form with these alright, Im tearing through them, next one in September.
    Yeah I’ve it preordered but still counting the days.👍
    Although I have a ton of books TBR I usually start his as soon as I get them.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,011 ✭✭✭ Paddy Samurai

    Book 4 in the Golgotha series

    A top notch roller coaster ride .Angels and Demons ;) Love this series.
    NEVADA, 1872. Out of the merciless 40-Mile Desert, a stranger appears in the town of Golgotha, home to the blessed and the damned. He carries with him an innocent victim of a horrible massacre and a dire warning for Sheriff Jon Highfather. The conflict between the Indian nations and Mormon settlers has been brewing for years, and now the spirits of the fallen Indian dead have begun to rise to join in the fight.

  • Registered Users Posts: 17,457 ✭✭✭✭ Thargor

    Id say you'd enjoy the Cradle series, all 9 books are free today only:

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,011 ✭✭✭ Paddy Samurai

    Thargor wrote: »
    Id say you'd enjoy the Cradle series, all 9 books are free today only:

    Thx for recommendation.��
    I did check this series out and hope to try it at some stage.But I don’t have a kindle yet and usually buy trade or hardback books as a matter of preference.But also paperbacks if they are not available.
    Also currently have 150+ books waiting to be read. :(
    I need to read faster. :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,011 ✭✭✭ Paddy Samurai

    Ravens mark Trilogy .




    Started out with BLACKWING thinking it was ok .But overall I liked the series big time.8/10 for me.Would definitely recommend.

  • Registered Users Posts: 3,011 ✭✭✭ Paddy Samurai

    NORYLSKA GROANS by Michael r Fletcher.

    Ultra violent Grimdark but right up my alley 😁

    Set In Dystopian soviet era type society .Great characters and magic type system (Trait stones)but not for faint hearted.Fletcher for me is innovative and edgy but even for me some of the torture scenes were tough going.

    looking forward to his next book.😉 Still have about 4 unread on my shelf.