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Wordpress problem

  • 27-12-2008 5:53pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 870 Pen1987

    Hey... trying to set up a wordpress blog but I've just confused myself to a ridiculous degree. I dont have a clue how I've managed to mess up something so simple.

    I have a few questions, maybe someone can help me out.

    I bought two domain names and have installed wordpress on one of the sites. I've bought hosting space from GoDaddy, which I find an awful confusing site to use...

    Wordpress says I should of downloaded the wordpress file, then when I want to change theme I just download the theme file put it in a specific folder and upload it. The problem is I cant find the wp folder, should it be on my computer or on my account on the hosting site? And if online then where?

    Thats as far as I have gotten. After that I've to do the other bleeding site.

    Dunno how I managed this, apologies, thanks in advance for any help.