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Nuclear strike public information films

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    "In the event of a nuclear attack, the world is likely to become an uninhabitable wasteland..."

    Sounds like a great laugh! Who wouldn't want to stick around for that...? ;)

    Protect & Survive: the British government initiative advising people what to do if that happened... it succeeds in making people sh1t themselves, that's about its only use.


  • Retro but not in the cool sense....

    Scary times I would imagine...

  • I was a small kid in the 80s but I could get a palpable sense of fear. Older kids and adults were always going on about World War III. After Chernobyl in 1986, when I was eight, a rumour went round that there was radiation in the rain and we'd get ill if a drop of it landed in our mouths. If you only saw how tightly we shut our mouths whenever we had to go out in the rain! :D

    My parents' generation probably got the worst case of the sh1ts put up them with the Cuban Missile Crisis et al in the early '60s. They really thought it was the end...