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Wanted: Hand Gun

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    Does anyone know any handgun retailer in the south east?
    selling a simple hand gun like a revolver.


  • Do you have a particular type of shooting in mind?

    There are a bunch of firearms dealers listed in the wiki.

  • I think he's selling, so that's fine, but if he's buying, he'll have to do his homework and order from abroad, more than likely, unless he finds a dealer who happens to have a secondhand example of what he's looking for.

  • Ah ok am not into second hands gun kind dangerous area.

  • Well, to buy a new gun, you'll need to import it. What sort of shooting do you want to do?

  • RealistSpy wrote: »
    Ah ok am not into second hands gun kind dangerous area.

    Not really. Provided you get a second opinion on it from someone who knows their stuff, buying second hand can be a great way of picking up a good quality firearm at a decent price. It wasn't me! picked up a nice target rifle like that.

    That said, if you're interested in getting into pistol shooting the best thing to do first is to go and visit a club that does it and see what you think. The members there will be more than happy to show you what it's all about and give you advice on what to buy and what to avoid.

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  • Oh, and to follow on from what Conor said about buying secondhand guns, a nice feature of the target shooting scene in Ireland is that everyone would at least be familiar with everyone else, so the history of your gun will be well known. I can trace mine happily back to when it was first imported.

  • John lambert in Camolin has a good selection of new handguns..
    you may need to ring him before going up dough..