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Wanted: Rudy Project Exception

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    Does anyone know where I can buy a pair of Rudy Project Exception glasses (complete with RX inserts & impactx lenses). I'm having difficulty finding the right set.



  • I contacted Rudy Project & got a reply from the general manager of their plant in Belgium. He said he was going to be in Ireland on Holidays & he agreed to meet with me to measure my glasses to determine which Rudy Project glasses & Rx insert system would suit me for IPSC shooting. So I met up with him earlier this week in Wexford (he came into Roslare port). He had all his lens measuring equipment with him & after the consultation he recommened a complete set including Rx inserts.
    It's my first dealing with Rudy Project. I've known for years that their optics are arguably the best. But I think you'll all agree the above is customer service above & beyond what most would expect:D:D:D