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For Sale - Left Handed Shotgun - Beretta Silver Pigeon

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    Hello all,

    I am selling a factory left-hand Beretta S687 Silver Pigeon 30 inch Barrels. Its a Sporter. Bought new in 2001. Unused till 2003! Probably 4000 cartridges put through it since. Action is still tight. Cleaned after every use, and is in a Beretta ABS case, with 5 chokes, key, manual etc. The current Silver Pigeon III is the nearest to it in terms of wood quality and identical engraving. The stock is oil finished, with nice figure.

    This is a pristine, lovely gun, and perfect for a lefty. Completely reliable.

    Only reason I am selling is I have found a rare left-handed Beretta 682 Gold in the UK, and I need to make room. In my safe, and on my cert...

    I am Cork based, and will be using a local dealer to sell it for me. If you want more information, pricing, and pictures please PM me...




  • Just sent you a pm

  • Hi. do you still have it? could i have a price please and some info.



    - Mod - I am Pm'ing this guy to let him know that i have posted a request for info on this for sale forum. hope thats ok.

  • Stevo,

    Just sent you a PM with details and price...


  • I thought that PM's were verboten on this forum?

  • Doing deals by PM is definitely verboten. Can people please read the forum charter? No bannage on this occasion because I think we've not been monitoring here closely enough, but from this point on, follow the charter please folks. The for sale forum is a rather sensitive exception to the general "take it to" rule, so don't abuse it lest we be policed...

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  • Hi,

    Got onto my friend about it but he says he wasnt interested. sorry;)

    mods - hope i did everything above board. informed you i pm'd seller to let him know i posted on this thread just to get his attention.

  • No problem, we're just letting everyone know that this forum will be watched more closely than it has been heretofore.

  • Apologies moderators,
    I did not read the charter. Mea Culpa...
    But I have now, so in light of this I have detailed all required information below...

    Beretta S687 Silver Pigeon.

    30 inch Sporter. Factory Left hand cast stock. Oil finished wood. Bought new 2001, 4-5 thousand cartridges fired through it, clay pigeon use only. Action is tight. Gun was cleaned after each use and is in pristine condition. Supplied in an ABS case, with 5 mobilchokes...
    .Three Quarters.

    Nearest equivalent model in todays 2008 Beretta range is Silver Pigeon III - same engraving and wood quality.

    Asking price

    Details of Firearms Dealer being used
    Jeffersports, Bandon,Co.Cork 023-41133

    Images of the gun are attached...

    Regards and apologies again


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