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PVC lining for pond

  • 17-04-2008 2:09pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 199 ✭✭ baguio

    Need PVC lining for a pond - which will be 3.5m x 3m.

    Q1. How much should I order up (allowing for depth)?

    Q2. Where can I source this at a good price? Would I be best buying online?


  • mate 7 years ago i built a pond 8ft x 9ft i used heavy duty builders plastic,its green in colour.i think it cost me 15 euro.i have kio and chubunkins who are breeding the last 3yr.dont believe the hype saying you need specilist liners,bull of luck.need any advice on fish or plants in your pond dont hesitate to ask.almanu

  • I got a pond liner (made by Hozelock) in Woodies last year. Not cheap, but it did the job. IIRC, it was €50/60 - my pond is about 2m x 1m, so you'll need a larger (and more expensive) liner.

  • I totally disagree with almanu.

    I have used builders plastic (1000 gauge black polyethylene) and it only lasted 2 years before it started to crack around the edges.

    I have used good quality PVC and after about 5/6 years it started to crack around the edges - especially vulnerable in cold weather.

    Now would only use butyl. More expensive but lasts forever (well, 50 years anyway, though I can only vouch for 10 and still "as-new").

    I got good value online at aquatics warehouse but had to get it shipped to somenone in norn iron - they don't ship to RoI. They also give guidelines on calculating how much to order for your size of pond. Shop around & compare prices - you might do better.

  • blackbox if you read the discription of the plastic you will see mines green.its treated with stuff [sorry not an expert]that blocks out the rays,allweather pvc i think its called.its not cheap but its half the price of the woodies ,homebase crap.ive mine 7 years and its still brand just saying that he doesnt have to go for the expensive crap.when the stuff i got is half the price.the size of the pond he wants is going to be 80 euro,the stuff i have costs only 30.thats a big saving for basicly the same product.

  • @almanu : That sounds interesting. the bit of surfing i have done up until now resulted in prices of 100-150 - so would be interested in getting the stuff your talking about.
    My only fear is that I walk out the door with the wrong stuff. Will try some of the local providers and see what they have.

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