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Projecto Stackero

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    so anyone have anyideas on a really cheap super quiet / supersmall case

    thinking of putting my rig back together but i dont want to front for a case , i can probably get my hands on the atx backplate and drive cages for a case but i want to put it in / make somthing

    I was thinking a nice cardboard box / eggcarton design topped off with ducttape and hot glue.

    anyideas? or has anyone seen a cool cheap mod anywhere i could try out

    the rig will be
    e2160 clocked to its limit cooled By the thermalright Ifx-14 heatsink :D
    radeon 2900xt
    corsair 520w psu
    4 gigs or 1066 ram
    vista 64 bit
    250 and maybe a 500 gig drive
    Asus P5b Deluxe or msi neo2 Fir

    thanks :D