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Meath Picture Game.

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    Shamelessly stolen and copied from the Dublin forum, (I tip my hat towards Exit for his idea), I thought it would be an idea to see if a similar game could take off in the Meath forum.

    Basically, the idea is to post a photo of a place somewhere around County Meath. It has to give some idea as to where it may be, so not just a random field or tree, but something people could reasonably recognize. The pics must be ones you took yourself, not ones copied from the internet. The winner is the person who guesses where the place is (if in a town, you must give name of building, or street), and its then their turn to post a picture and see if others can guess.
    Winners can forfeit their go if they want to the next person who see their forfeit and posts their own picture as the next turn.

    So to start us off, here's one which I think is not too difficult. Anyone know what or where we are in this picture?

    ( Aw man, I feel like Teresa Lowe now :D )