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How do your lungs feel?

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    I am off the cigs about 8 days. Right now my lungs are feeling very weird. Kind of empty and tight. I dont have anything to cough up either.

    Anyone else finding this?


  • Exact same here. My wife was telling me I should be coughing and spluttering, but no. I presume we're not all affected in the same way.

  • On my 11th day as mentioned before. I gave up the smokes several years ago and one of the symptoms was splurting up a lot of ****e consisting of tar etc. This time however it hasn't happened at all. Could this be a result of the no smoking ban in pubs?:confused:

  • Quit smoking on the second and im in the same boat. I was expecting a lot of coughing,but there hasnt been much at all

  • hi guys, i've had that both times now. second time was a little easier. it passes by the second weekish. i also found exercise really helps to loosen your lungs.

    stay the course!

  • Well i'll put it down to the exercise then. Have to admit that football training gets a hell of a let more enjoyable and easier when you give up the smokes. Now lets hope i get picked :)

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  • Coughing for a day or 2 but nothing major - went for the usual 3 mile walk (first of the new year, slow start!) last night, wasn't out of breath at the end of it!

  • Never seen a time when sooooo many punters have decided to give up the fags, seriously! I wrk in a shop in Donegal and 30% of my regular smokers have decided to give up. I know its New year and resolutions and all but never seen such a oncerted effort is all......I'm off them since November 13th meself, and loving myself for it....!! Wish ye all well......

  • I'm off them since November 13th meself, and loving myself for it....!! Wish ye all well......
    Good going, keep it up. Off them since November 20th meself.

  • Have a rotten chest infection since the middle of last week :(

  • I've quit for the last 6 weeks and I'm starting to get a nasty cough and chest infection, not sure what the cause is, but I doubt it's because my lungs are clearer and less tar-ry.

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