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TRANSLATION Help nedded - Russian, Latvian??

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 23 ✭✭✭ leroy_brown


    Can anyone translate this for me, im not sure whether it is Latvian or Russian or some other?

    Thanks for your help..


    zavtra v restoran s rodnej, ja po emailu u petki sprosila nu kuda idem -on mne sekret, ja na vsjakij Irlandkij sluchaj sprosila-skolko deneg brat s soboj, ozidaja


    sama smotri eto ze vsetaki moj den rozdenija.potom dobavil - ..eto ochen dorogoj restoran....moza on dumajet, chto ja za nego zaplachu i za vsju jego rodnju


    Nu bednije vi moji kurici, ja uze chujala neladnoje, jesli mash so mnoj govorila, to vse bilo teper otlezivajtes, lechites-gore pjanici moji.kiss ;-)


    a v mashine kogda ja uze domoj hotela idti, sluchilas u nego isterika. Onmne ne vse vessi privez, zabil tapochki, oni konechno kopeejcnije, no oni mamini i ja


  • It's Russian transliterated. I can't translate it exactly. Are you trying to translate somebody's text messages?

  • I'd say it's slovakian.

  • 1, tommorow into the reataurant with someone related,i have asked Petka in email-where we go? he said- secret! i just wonder how many money take with me
    2 this is my birthday!-and this is very expensive restaurant -he said. maybe he thinks- that i will pay for all food there?
    3 already Masha has spoken with me and all is clear.keep heal my drinkers, kiss
    4there in car when i wonted to go home already he told me that he hasen,t brought all necessery aspeciall my slippers, very cheep byt for my mother

    i have tried as good as i know ryssian- it is fonetic,