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3 Weeks today.

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    Off the fags 3 weeks today. Doing it with the patches. Suprisingly alot easier then i expected. A few hairy moments but im doing great. Go me.


  • Fair play, keep it up! It's a great feeling after a while, and even though i still ahve those moments, it's better to know you can do, and are doing, without! Well done! :D

  • Keep it up duckyboo. I am starting a spray product next week to see how that goes (then again im starting it for the last 2 months).
    only just discovered this area of boards so if i find the spray good ill post back here

  • Congrats. I hit 5 weeks a few days ago. I'm not using patches or any nicotine therapy though, but I did have a horrendous week 2 weeks ago when I was up mostly every night coughing up constantly. It's stopped now - from reading up this is a good thing, and it's lungs clearing themselves.

    Have you gone through this bit already? I feel I am breathing a million times better now.

    Are you using any software to keep track - it's scary when you see the money you save per pack added up over the three weeks!

  • no have coughed my lungs up, yet anyway. Yeah the amout of money you save is ridiculous, pity its being spent on beer now. Lol

  • fair play...i find it tough to give up for 3 days...

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  • I struggle with three hours.

    Kudos to you and long may it last.