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Mandarin Characters of the week



  • Hi ChineseSpeaker, where are you now? Keep going please.

  • 海客谈瀛洲,烟涛微茫信难求。越人语天姥,云霞明灭或可睹。天姥连天向天横,势拔五岳掩赤城。天台四万八千丈,对此欲倒东南倾。

  • The World of Chinese website has a good section on Chinese language, including one that goes into a number of characters. V interesting reading!


  • ran_justso-chinese-character.jpg

    rán (second tone)

    Meaning: correct; right; thus; so; like this; -ly

    It is composed of three radicals:
    ⺼ ròu: meat; flesh (Kangxi radical 130, standing variant)
    犬 quǎn: dog (Kangxi radical 94)
    灬 huǒ: fire (Kangxi radical 86, variant)

    This is a really useful character to know. It gets used a lot in adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions.

    List of useful words that use rán

    当然 dāngrán = certainly
    果然 guŏrán = really
    忽然 hūrán = suddenly
    竟然 jìngrán = actually
    既然 jìrán = as
    居然 jūrán = to go as far as to
    然而 ránér = however
    然后 ránhòu = then
    仍然 réngrán = still
    虽然 suīrán = though
    突然 tūrán = suddenly
    自然 zìrán = natural
    自然科学 zìránkēxué = natural science

  • Well my cunning plan to add a character each week has fallen completely by the wayside. However, I did come across this site recently, which is very interesting indeed. It breaks down each character into it's radicals, which I think is 厉害.


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