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Accommodation for Newbies



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    The student residences are usually the best places to go for accommodation especially if you're new to the city. Personally I started off in the residences and then moved to private accommodation in 3rd Year once I knew the city and how to deal with private landlords. It's very different dealing with private landlords! Although it tends to be cheaper and there's slightly less rules there is a little bit more to think about in terms of bills, bins, chasing landlords to fix maintenance issues (can be an absolute nightmare!) and budgeting for those things can be tricky. I stayed in Griffith Halls of Residence my first two years and it was very handy with no bills to pay as it was all included. They fixed the maintenance issues pretty quickly and you can get bits like light bulbs and hoover bags free from the office so every little helps when you're scraping money together as a student! Once you get settled by all means go for the private landlords if you think it'd be cheaper.

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    Does anybody want a room in the student accommodation Broadstone Hall, Dublin. This is suitable for a few Universities including Trinity College and TU Dublin. We wish to cancel the room, but have been told we need to find another student to take the room before we are allowed to cancel. PM me if interested. Thanks.

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