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Pimp Your Studio/Services/Facilities [READ THE RULES]

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    This sticky is here to allow engineers, producers, soundpersons or whoever to offer their services or facilities to fellow forum users.

    - It is not a place for spamming, and any posts from users who have obviously just registered to post here will be snipped out and added to Niall's list below. This thread should be by forum contributers, for forum contributers.
    - Only locally available services (i.e. useful, genuine, non-virtual, non-dodgy services) may be advertised.
    - Keep the ads very concise and text-only

    These rules are intended to encourage the community aspect to this forum and add another aspect to the usefulness of the forum. I think ye get the gist!




    friends of mine, everyone who has ever recorded there has nothing but praise for them. if you want a good, affordable recording, you should deffo get in touch with them.



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