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ACCA Advanced Tax

  • 04-06-2007 9:20am
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    Ok, I know this is very last minute, but I´m doing this exam on Wednesday. I haven´t gone to college and I haven´t done an awful lot of study so I know I don´t have much chance of passing but I´m going to do my best. However I´m trying to find a list of the rates etc. that are given at the start of the paper. I´m using the BPP Ireland course text and if I remember from 2.3, the list they have wasn´t the same as in the exam. I´m sure I could find this on the net somewhere but I had a quick look and couldn´t find anything and I don´t want to give up my morning for that! I also don´t want to waste time learning off rates that are given in the exam, or on the other hand not learn something and discover that they don´t actually give this!!


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    past exam papers must have them attached