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Adam Quinn '05-'06

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    Well as you can probably tell by the title of the thread, I am in fact Adam.

    I did session 2 both years:

    2005, Zoology:Some from that year may remember me as Pierce's roomate or apprentice to Pierce. I did a couple of crazy things, namely stealing 26 muffins from the cafeteria in one go, stealing 9 donuts and a tray from the cafeteria in one go, drinking 6 and a half cups of mocha one sugar in one day and not being able to walk straight, getting hit in the face with a frisbee thrown by Pierce and also having Pierce do "things" with me. I'll spare the details.

    2006, Drama:Had a great time in drama, Brona is the best instructor ever! Meh, didn't do anything too crazy. Had a broken arm and learnt some very handy one handed tricks... also played nervous alot. I was also occasionally and affectionately called the man-whore.

    So yeah.