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CHARTER: Read before posting (14/6/'06)

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    • Obviously enough this board is for discussing sailing, boating etc. and everything boating related.

    • Absolutely NO commercial posting unless it is sanctioned by the admins. This includes private sales, company promotions and over the top club promoting (e.g. such and such club does this course, does that course, come join our club...)

    • Don’t waste our time by posting about other sports here, we don’t care for other sports, we are liable to move the offending threads to a more relevant board. Please note that kayaks and canoes have their own forum now.

    • Straying off topic will result in post deletion.

    • Personal abuse, racism etc. will lead to bannings, there is no need for it, so don’t do it.

    • If you see any instances where the charter is breached i.e. Abuse, spam etc. please use the Report Post function.


    In general additional stickies won't be added to the forum as in my experience with other boating forums, once you go down this route it really dilutes the water (get it?!) and people tend to limit where they post. If you're new, just remember that we were all new at some stage. Please do a search to see if anything relevant has been discussed recently otherwise post a question.

    If these rules aren’t clear please PM the mods.

    Enjoy the forum!

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