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Does XLink-Kai require static IP on XBOX?

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    Would i be correct in saying you need to specify a static IP address (as opposed to dynamic via DHCP) on the XBOX to use XLink-Kai?

    I'm convinced i read it on the Official Forum somewhere but can't find it now.

    Having a nightmare setting it up.. read more about my predicament here!


  • No.

  • see my post in that thread.

    My setup is very similar.

    Xbox crossover into PC

    PC connects to internet through wireless.

    PC LAN is static

    Xbox LAN is static

    Setup kai in xbmc to look at for the engine.

    Engine running on PC

    Don't make it more difficult that it actually is ;)

  • Cheers zabbo.. am at work now but will try it when i get home and let you know!

    I know i was complicating the situation alright but when i didn't get a resolution quickly, i went all out to make things complicated for myself!

  • People always overthink home networks and don't just google terms like "router", "IP Address" or "eBGP"

  • short answer: no, long answer: check the thread you posted on the computer/technology forum for the answer and post back if you get stuck.

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