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    Doc_Savage wrote:
    What was god doing when the dinosaurs were roaming the planet?

    Oh, pleeese don't ask that one. We will get bombarded by all the CS scientists.
    Can we agree that God was looking the other way:eek:

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    Any one who has sufficent intelligence can see that atheism is as blind as christianity or islam, only agnosticism is the home of the openminded.we cannot know if a god existsor doesnt exist as athiests beleive, we cannot know the origins of the universe etc but we can be curious and ponder it or just accept that we wont ever know unless there is an afterlife(highly unlikely but no possible to say it doesnt exist) or a god reveals himself to us or provides evidence.anyone that follows a religon based on poor documentary evidence from unscientiic era's like the bible and koran are fools,but their blind faith could be true! nothing re faith can be completley discounted!
    from agnostic ronnie
    Just came across this thread/rant and why are you dissing Islam etc (they are blind) and then say they may be right?

    I understand that you believe that agnosticism is "the only way" but it is inherently chaotic (as you don't know what to believe) and therefore difficult to approach as some people need a belief onto which to build the rest of their assumptions on (the meaning of life etc).

    Do not imply that others must have sufficient intelligence to see what you see, there are a lot smarter people than you (or me) that are deeply religious.

    And for God's sake :D - spell check

    Btw I'm atheist

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    my statement was not intended to offend anyone, simply i meant that given the current store of humanknowledge and experience being agnostic or uncertain as to a creator is the safest path for a curious questioning mind as it is the only path that leaves both (potentially true)options open

    Ronbyrne2005 how open-minded are you. Do you believe that I might be a slug, or based on your experience are you fairly certain that I am actually human. All well educated athiests would admit that you cannot disprove the existance of a God, but given no evidence why would they believe it when their are any number of possible beliefs that cannot be disproven.

    Given what you know about the world, which of these statements are probably true.
    1 wine turning into the blood of a dead dude..or
    2 wine not turning into the blood of a dead dude
    3 72 virgins wait for each martyer in heaven

    if you choose 2 then.. why is atheism is as blind as christianity or islam

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    Doc_Savage wrote:
    What was god doing when the dinosaurs were roaming the planet?


    </bill hicks>