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What's your first horror?



  • The first one that freaked me out was Gargoyles ( not the cartoon) , I watched it because the folks had it on .... I was very young .... I kept thinking they were in my room at night waiting for them to crawl over the bed and get me .

  • hmm... the 1st "horror" (by which i mean "film i saw when i was very young that scared me so much that i thought it was a horror") was either edward scissorhands or beetlejuice. god was i terrified, my sister was in bits after beetlejuice, she would not trust a banister for months...
    my first "real" horror was scream 2. i was a late starter, what with overprotective parents, but that started me off well indeed...

  • Evil Dead 2,
    scared the sh*t outta me as a kid but its just funny:)

  • Mac daddy wrote:
    And stephen king's IT jesus that scared the boll*x out of me to when i was younger- scared to take a shower for days man.
    When i did have one keept on looking at the drain hoping that he would not pop out :eek:

    Ditto, IT had me freakin scared to do anything for a long time. My unhealthy fear of Clowns was multiplied after watching that movie. But you know what really blows monkeys? That when I sat down with my best mate a couple of years ago to watch IT again, we just didn't get the same thrill from it. God, I hate growing old.

  • Night of the Living Dead. Scared the crap outta me, but then again so did that evil b*stard Chucky. Two films that prob should not have been seen by me at a young impressionable age

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  • the first that i actually have a memory of is 'the birds', very creepy.we got rid of the budgie soon after that

  • mine was either child's play two or halloween can't remember which i saw first

  • First one was Critters. My cousin was babysitting us and rented it out. Didn't actually scare me, thought it was hilarious.

    First film that scared me was probably Terminator. I remember finding it on the tv when I was about 6 by accident.

  • I can't remember how I got into Horror. But I can remember the first movie I was scared by. It's not a horror at all, it's Starship Troopers the movie. It's really bad but the bugs scared me ****less.

    Has anyone here seen Susperia? It's a horror concerning witches that run an old ballet college. It's one of the goriest I've seen. Especially the part in the room of barbed-wire. :eek:

  • the first movie that scared the living s**t out of me was Aracnapobia, I still have a thing about spider.
    first movie by choice was either Jaws or Alien, great classics.
    Now I laugh myself stupid at movies like Hellraiser and Event Horizon, I think I may have become desensitised to violence. oh well
    KILL KILL EVeRyone must be gone hA HA!!!! :eek:

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  • My first was Daleks Invasion 2150 Ad.

  • The Amityville horror. (original one) I remember begging my nanny to let me stay up and watch it. I was terrified xD

  • An American Werewolf in London was my first (I think). That or Nightmare on Elm Street.

    The beginning of AAWIL is still fantastic. Scared the crap out of me as a kid!!!

  • I think It was Tremors my gate away to the horror world, I loved it when I 4 :)

    I thought it was great movie, even now still love it!

  • i think for me it was either evil dead one or driller killer, cant remember that was a long time ago. way to make a kid see a film ban it as a video nasty and they the kids are sure to see it :)

  • I watched Poltergeist when I was 8 or 9. I dunno what my parents were thinking at the time but it scared the hell out of me.

    Another more obscure movie I saw very young was The Sword and the Sorcerer. At the time it was so scarey and really disturbbed me. I watched it again in my mid 20's and it was pants:D

  • Sword and Sorcerer is a great piece of 80s cheese with featuring Lee Horsley, the poor man's Tom Selleck, himself the poor man's Burt Reynolds, who once was the poor man's Clint Eastwood appearing in spaghetti westerns.

  • The Gate(1987) with a young Steven Dorff.Shat meself.

  • The Fog was mine. Took me a long time to go out in fog after that.

  • Sadly it was a tellie repeat of The Screaming Skull.

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