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Sweepstake Result.....

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    Registered Users Posts: 1,223 pro_gnostic_8

    First up, thank you all for participating..................

    gerire: 0 pts
    Davey Devil: 15 pts
    chump: 5 pts
    johnor: 0 pts
    logonmor: 0 pts
    Wavey: 0 pts
    pro_gnostic 5 pts
    iggy: 5 pts
    bbop: 0 pts
    eirebhoy: 5 pts
    Healio: 5 pts
    dod: 0 pts
    daveirl: 5 pts
    DMT: 5 pts
    Hobart: 5 pts
    mobby: 0 pts
    Nowhere Man 1 pt.

    By a distance, it would seem, Davey Devil wins it. Well done dude.
    PM me your postal addy, and your stupendous and life-changing prize (20 yo-yo's) will be forwarded ............... as soon as the Postal strike is settled.