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Right, we are nearly go!

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    We have two captains: Evil Phil (in keeping with his evil status) will be captaining the Right To Die Slowly team while The Vaggabond will be captaining the Nannies of the State team.

    I'm going to give them this week to pick their right (and left) hand lieutenants and the following week to get themselves sorted out for arguments and opening statements.

    That puts us starting the debate proper on Dec 1st. One post per person per day means the teams will have no more then 21 posts (7 each) to make their compelling case on the motion:

    "This government should completely ban smoking in Pubs"

    We are still looking for a third judge we currently have my good self and Fergus Cassidy from the Tribune. If you know of a third, and preferably independant judge who might lend his/her gravitas to the judging, please let me know.