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A Short Guide to Who's Who in the Classical Forum

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    This is just a general guide to the forum;

    No nastyness,

    Discussion of classical music only unless it's comparative - there are other forums for other styles.

    You must agree with me that Ludovico Einaudi and Philip Glass are the best contemporary composers :D (j/k).

    My name is Dave, I am a reg on the politics forum and only realised this forum was here the other day - but I have always listened to Classical music, more CFM than Radio 3, my favourite orchestra being either the London Symphonic, the San Francisco Symphonic or my very own Ulster Orchestra.

    My favourite composers are Rimsky-Korsakov, Wagner, Ravel, Saint-Saens and Prokofiev. Don't ever ask me my favourite piece because it's like deciding between Terry's chocolate orange and sex in some cases lol.

    I'm hoping that you'll all post who you are and your musical preferences in this thread and anything I can help you with too.