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Strange Science Facts



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    The Earth has a heartbeat. Since the 60s seismologists have been able to pick up a pulse that reverberates around the planet every 26 seconds.
    They don't know what causes it but they do know that it originates somewhere in the south-Atlantic Ocean.

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    Water can boil and freeze at the same time.

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    Experts now reckon The Black Death was not bubonic plague and it had nothing to do with rats or fleas.

    It was most likely spread from person to person, there was a period of a few days before symptoms started to show, then you went downhill very fast, they also reckon there could have been symptomless carriers.

    The rats theory falls down because in the countryside in those days rats were pretty much non-existent and people were infected in remote villages and rural areas.

    Historians found some records from a rent collector in a rural village at the time and they showed extended families in different parts of the village getting infected and dying one after the other like dominoes as family members visited each other.

    They still don't what the disease was but something along the lines of ebola is their best guess.