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02-09-2018, 09:51   #1
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YLYPV 9: So Vegan I forgot to laugh

Brand new shiny thread, YLYL 9: So Vegan I forgot to laugh

Special thanks to Tabnabs for the thread name suggestion.


Previous Threads:
YLYL 8: Thready McThreadface
You Laugh You Lose 7: The LMFAO hahaha Laugh ExtravaganHa

Discussion is here:
Cool Vids&Pics&Links Discussion thread

List of sister threads:
Funny GIFs
The Cool GIF Thread
Cool Pictures Thread
You Want, You Lose!
You 'feels' you lose
The NOPE Thread
The WFT?!!??!! Thread

Rules and guidelines:

This is a picture thread only

Before posting a photo please consider if it is safe for work

If not then just link to the image and put NSFW above it. This does not mean you can post porn, racist posts or anything of that sort which could cause offense.

Posting in a foreign language is acceptable as long as a translation is provided.

If you are unsure if a pic is OK, PM a mod first. Bans will be handed out liberally to any and all who break these rules.

No bitching.

Use the report post function.

Don't quote pics. Ever. It has an effect on loading times for the threads, bandwidth, and makes the thread more difficult to read. If your pic is a response to another, change the link to a url.

NO CHAT! This is a picture thread. For pictures. All chat in a picture thread is off-topic and excessive. I'm sure you think your comment is funny and insightful. If it is, Cool Vids&Pics&Links Discussion thread. Use it. Chat posts in YLYL will be deleted/snipped/warninged/infracteded/bannededed as seen fit by the mods.

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