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16-04-2018, 02:01   #1
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Sgt Hartman says lights out.

Holy Jesus!!

(rip R Lee Ermey)
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16-04-2018, 02:13   #2
Outlaw Pete
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What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?!

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16-04-2018, 02:20   #3
pleas advice
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16-04-2018, 02:26   #4
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He's gone to fingerbang the ol' Mary Jane Rottencrotch in the sky
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16-04-2018, 02:54   #5
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16-04-2018, 04:01   #6
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Originally Posted by Arghus View Post

Holee Jesus.

What is thaaat??

What the fck is that!!

...........What is that private Arghus!!
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16-04-2018, 06:31   #7
Donald Trump
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Originally Posted by NinetyTwoTeam View Post
He's gone to fingerbang the ol' Mary Jane Rottencrotch in the sky

Mary Jane Rottencrotch is still with us.
I was fingerbanging her only last night.

She said that she was very disappointed with the present you got her for mother's day
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16-04-2018, 08:22   #8
Join Date: Aug 2016
Posts: 2,790
R.I.P. R. Lee

R. Lee Ermey, made famous by playing the hard but fair Gny. Sgt. Hartman in full metal jacket, has passed away.
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16-04-2018, 08:24   #9
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Never get tired of watching him in Full Metal Jacket. Absolute scene stealer. R.I.P
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16-04-2018, 08:27   #10
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I thought it was Stan Lee from the I don't know how I feel
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16-04-2018, 08:33   #11
Bob Harris
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'What is your major malfunction numbnuts?' - A classic.

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16-04-2018, 08:40   #12
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He made that film.

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16-04-2018, 08:42   #13
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This post has been deleted.
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16-04-2018, 08:47   #14
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What a lot of people don't know about his role in Full Metal Jacket is that he wasn't the original choice for that role. I don't remember who was, but Ermey was an actual ex-marine drill sergeant brought in as a "technical advisor", in other words give the real actor lessons in how to be a ba$tard. He turned out to be so bad that the real actor was told to hit the road and Stanley Kubrick gave the role to Ermey instead.
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16-04-2018, 08:50   #15
Hande hoche!
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Showed up in a few horror films too. Good actor.
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