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10-10-2013, 20:24   #1
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Munster Boards cycle against cancer

A few Boardsies have mentioned that they would be interested in having a sister Boards Spin in honor of Le Petit Braquet and his fund raising drive (Dublin cycle page here)

My Charity Page

In his own words...
Originally Posted by le petit braquet View Post
Thanks to you all. I've been very touched by the response of people on Boards to me as I am a total stranger to most of you. Concern and compassion for others is certainly one of the things that make this country great.

As I said on the other thread, above all else I want to raise awareness in men that any unusual change in your body should be checked out by a doctor. This should help with early diagnosis of a multitude of potential illnesses including cancer and early diagnosis improves prognosis.

In my case I ignored an inverted nipple for at least a year. The issue is not whether I knew that this was a possible symptom of breast cancer, and that men also can get it. Rather I should have got it checked and found out for sure that it wasn't a symptom of ANY possible illness. Instead I took the classic male approach of "ah sure it's not hurting me so why would I see a doctor". I like to think of myself as reasonably intelligent with a couple of degrees and a professional qualification to apparently prove it. However my stupidity in this regard points to an IQ that could be shared with an average brick.

There is of course no guarantee that I wouldn't still be in this position if it turned out the cancer I had was particularly aggressive, but at least I would have the consolation of knowing that I had given the doctors the best shot at curing me.

That being said, there is nothing like a terminal illness to give you a perspective on life. I have been inspired by the courage of Donal Walsh, that remarkable young man from Kerry who was taken by cancer before his 17th birthday. I've had 38 more years life than him, been married for 31 to my teenage sweetheart and reared three great kids. In the grand scheme of things, it's far more important to count my blessings and look back at the wonderful life I've had, rather than regret the "what might have beens". I can pick up the paper or look at the news any day and find lots of people in a far worse position than myself. Sorry if that bit comes across as "preachy" or sanctimonious but as Sean Kelly would say I have to "make the calk-U-lation"

Thanks again Boardsies, I feel like you've provided me with a "grand peloton" to shelter in.

So the question is are people interested? If yes what, where and when?

With the Jazz festival on the bank holiday in Cork that may not be the best time to organise the spin so I propose the following weekend.
There are two types of spins we could do, a traditional road spin between 50 and 100 km or a more user friendly shorter 'coffee and cake spin'.

I have plotted two possible routes which may appeal or will encourage other suggestions.

First is an 80km spin, few climbs, nice roads and would be fast enough (I reckon about *cough* 4 hours and 10 minutes). It starts fast out the dual carriage way before hitting the airport hill which takes you into the country side with a fast decent and good roads to the climb before the climb to Coachford and follow the river lee all the way back into town. Just over 80km with just under 1000m climbing.
The 80k 4:10

The second is one in the Halloween spirit is a bit more 'charismatic'. I suggest this is for people to use their commuter bike, hack, a fixie, a classic steel framed bike, a high nelly, a BSO, whatever you got.
It follows a lot of what is inner Cork harbour. It starts and finishes in Blackrock at the Natural Food coffee shop for parking and food. It follows the old railway, involves the ferry, takes in a (half) TT circuit and comes back in via city and past the GAA grounds again along the water. A lovely cycle and would be a good laugh I reckon.
Boards Hack around the Harbour

Easy to do, donate to the page linked above and turn up and cycle.... simples.
So what do ye think, who's in for what?

EDIT 30/10/13

Going on those who posted that they will attend a longer 80km route is the most popular. I'm happy to stick to the Coachford route unless anyone has another suggestion?
I think Sunday the 3rd November is a good date and that gives people time to pull out their arm warmers.
As for the start time I will suggest 9am but that is just to throw it out there, if another time is better please feel free to suggest it.
Where to start and finish? On street parking is free on a Sunday and as we are planning to head out 'the link' I propose City hall beside the Fire Station on Anglsea street. There are shops and coffee there for when we land back and it would be a nice pic.
So as it stands...

Route Coachford via Airport route in the op
When: Sunday 3rd Nov @ 9am
Where City Hall (fire station side)

If you are a club member please mention it as a possible spin, every contribution to the fund counts!

Important to remember this is not an event. It is a social spin with no back up, organised food stops, broom wagon, jersey, post cycle massage (unless people from the party bus thread want to drop in).
Be self sufficient re pump, tube, food and water, there will be a stop, (Dripsey sounds good) and people will be encouraged to help fellow cyclists out with punctures etc so all welcome.
It is an unofficial spin linked to no one or nothin' so all liability and risk is your own.
Everyone is encouraged to go at your own pace, no one will be left behind (unless they want to be) normally people will take hills at their own pace with a meet up and regroup at the top. The day is about meeting follow boardsies and raising money.
That said if a club want to throw a lump of cash into the fund and belt off due to time constrains so be it, its all about the money, I will be taking it at a slow pace at the back so all will get home in one piece.

All good? Anything else?

Edit, again this is the my charity link, I think a €10 donation is ok, dont be put off if you cant afford it though anything will do really or if you want to donate more feel free!!

Last edited by Beasty; 30-10-2013 at 08:09. Reason: info updated at OP request
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10-10-2013, 20:57   #2
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I'd be up for it. Must check that I've nothing else on that weekend first. Great idea though!!
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10-10-2013, 21:20   #3
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I'm in.

Prefer the first route tbh, just because its longer I guess and has a bit of climbing, and I've done the smaller one round the harbour so many times its lost its quaintness, but no problem if prevailing view is to do the shorter one.
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10-10-2013, 22:47   #4
Peter T
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Id be up for either route if im avaiable. Could rope in one or two friends for the shorter one.
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11-10-2013, 00:49   #5
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I'd be up for this one too
The longer looks to be the better route in my eyes anyway
I'll let the lads in the club know too
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11-10-2013, 14:48   #6
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I'd be up for something, either route looks good.
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11-10-2013, 18:49   #7
Mamil biker
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If love to attend. Join in Padraigs 'Peleton' ~ as he said himself.

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11-10-2013, 18:50   #8
Mamil biker
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If love to attend. Join in Padraigs 'Peleton' ~ as he said himself.

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12-10-2013, 00:25   #9
Roger Hassenforder
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the first one passses Dripsey ( with Griffins cafe) after about 60km, but could be very leaves-y that part of the world.

count me in for either
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12-10-2013, 00:42   #10
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Fair play to you all, us all!
'Padraigs Grand Peleton' it is so, sure once you have a name your half way there.
Well I reckon there are enough people interested to run it, if we say €10 a head to the My Charity page per person I think we would clear over €100 on the day, and that will pay for a lot in either charity!

So the route, what i posted was just to get the heads thinking, I know Cork24 mentioned a Mallow route in the Dublin thread so lets nail a route down and a date.
Once that is done I think if people contacted their local cycling club and asked them to email their members we could be surprised with the turn out.

Because of this i think a Sunday morning would suit best, try and get people to use this as their club spin.
Its looking like an 80k route is coming out on top, that said I have no problem helping organise a second shorter route if people want it!

Whata ye think?

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12-10-2013, 12:14   #11
Roger Hassenforder
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go with the first route- a gupetto can form around my lard arse for the hills!
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12-10-2013, 12:41   #12
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Depends on work for me but I hope to make it!
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12-10-2013, 13:00   #13
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So has a definite date been decided yet? 27th of October ( bank holiday Sunday) or the 3rd of November seem the most likely if we are going with a Sunday spin.
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12-10-2013, 13:06   #14
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Okay well I have a question (surprise surprise I know!)

Are you guys Cycling Against Cancer in Munster for a training spin; to get one last long cycle in before the Winter or are you guys prepared to Cycle a shorter route, have so many more participants, raise more much needed monies and keep with the Spirit of this Event - An Enjoyable Days Cycling for All whilst Raising Awareness & Monies for Cancer Patients?!

To read about using this as a training spin for clubs angers me!
To read people wanting longer spins for the climbs angers me!

What about those enthusiastic cyclists out there who would like to partake, but not have to take on the hills & climbs & be surrounded by those macho serious cyclists out on a serious training spin? Eh?!

How's about a shorter route, a nicer cycle that can accommodate more cyclists and all those serious cyclists can use other times for their training spins and longer routes with challenges in the forms of hills & climbs?

That's my tuppence at present!

Reading this thread has angered me & Is taking away from the spirit from what could be an amazing days cycle accommodating more people!

As for anyone wondering about my participation - I'd have to book the day off work, but looking unlikely as I know I have other days to book off work for more scans and procedures for my lumbar injury.

Just thinking you guys can make this more enjoyable by including more people in the Cycle Against Cancer Munster with a shorter, less challenging cycling route

Good Luck though with what you decide though, Just Keep the Spirit of this Event,
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Thanks from:
12-10-2013, 14:20   #15
Roger Hassenforder
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I hear u girl, id like to see it as a social spin, handy enough pace. You'd get a good chat in with peeps over the longer spin.

None of the hills are epic, I can get up them!

Could always do a very flat version of it
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