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23-09-2011, 10:57   #1
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No Claim bonus motorbike to car?

Hello everyone

Just a quick question, I was wondering if it is possible to use your motorbike no claim bonus on your car.

I have 4 year no claim bonus on my motorbike and 2 on my car.

I have recently bought a new car and tried using my motorbike 4 year no claim bonus on this new car but Quinn said is not possible because is a motorbike (but the fact of the matter than while you are filling up the application form it clearly says no claim bonus obtained from a previous Vehicle not specific to a type of vehicle). Funny enough I have been emailing them lately asking them a few questions and they have answered all my questions with theexception of that one that they seem to conveniently (maybe) forget.

My intention is to cancel my motorbike policy and use it on my new car. Then get my old car insurance with only 2 years no claim bonus and use iton the motorbike.

The difference from the initial quotaion (when I said Ihad 4 years no claim bonus) to the new one (2 year no claim bonus) is over 700 euro...

Anyone knows if there is like an insurance regulator in Ireland? maybe they can advice...


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23-09-2011, 10:59   #2
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I've always been told that they run seperately......

I paid 4 grand in '05 as a taxi driver aged 35 with 8 years claim free on a bike and 5 years as a named driver on spouses policy. My AXA quote was 5700 and that was with a 6 yr old passat diesel.
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23-09-2011, 11:01   #3
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No claims is a perk, one which comes with conditions. One of those is that car NCB doesn't work with bikes and visa-versa. But funnily enough, a claim on your bike effects your car NCB and a claim on your car effects your bike NCB. Its like having their cake and eating it too.
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23-09-2011, 11:03   #4
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In answer to your question....No.....They keep them seperate as I did try the same thing when changing from 9 years on a bike to car. Sometimes you can get your NCB mirrored but not sure of the criteria for this.
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23-09-2011, 11:06   #5
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Unfortunately they are 2 seperate things in the eyes of the insurance companies. I had 5 years no claims bonus on bikes when I started driving cars and couldn't use them towards my car insurance
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23-09-2011, 11:08   #6
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Thanks everyone

Its a bit stupid in my opinion. I mean, whats the difference in driving a motorbike or a car? if I havent had any accidents on one my motorbike surely it means I have been a good driver (or lucky one)...

Its very weird... guess I have no choice then, insurance companies here in Ireland are a rip off with of due respect

To me it seems they just make this things up while they are on thephone with me. They also wouldnt allow me to apply for a no claim bonus protection addon because I didnt tell them before the policy was up for renewal. But I can do that with my other insurance company...

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