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27-02-2010, 20:41   #1
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Modern Warfare 2 Extra game modes

Modern Warfare has been out for what , 4 months now ? well, I myself have been wondering where the **** the is the DLC (if any) , well eventually i began to play some different types of games with my friends in modern warfare and i can truthfully say it has made the game a hella lot funner... So invite a few mates into a private match and try out these game modes.

Michael Myers:

No not the Wayne's world party Dude (EXCELLENT) but the monster from the Halloween films .. ya know the guy who goes around slashing all the teenagers with knives
How to play : invite your friends to a private match. everybody goes on one team except one (Michael myers) who is on the other . Everybody has to hide or run away from Michael Myers and not allowed to shoot . Michael myers is only allowed to knife people. The last person alive is allowed to try and kill michael myers but only armed with throwing knives .. the last victim is michael myers in the next round .

Dirty Harry

Clint Eastwood was the cop who quite frankly didn't give two ****s. Dirty Harry is known for his 44.Magnum and his catchphrase " do you feel lucky PUNK ?" . Needless to say the movies were ****ing awesome

How to play: Private match on High Rise. In game settings put health on minuscule and get everybody to equip the 44. Magnum ..


This has to be my favorite .. and it's customary to shout out " I'M RUSSEL CROWE " or "FIGHTIN' ROUND THE WORLD" ...

How to play : Everybody equips riot shields and throwing knives , nobody is allowed use their secondary ... This results in an epic battle of riot shields..
(for added fun , have everyone throw smoke grenades and fight in the mist like Spartans)

Dodge ball

"Allow me to introduce my team; RAZOR , TAZER , FAZER , MICHELLE AND FRAN"

How to play Have everyone equip throwing knives and meet at the little football pitch in Favela and don't forget to play nice.
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28-02-2010, 13:42   #2
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Runner Hunt

Let the hunt... begin.

How to play:
TDM on Rust. One guy picks a Runner class (Marathon, Lightweight, Commando, Sniper or SMG) and goes on one team. Everyone else picks a Riot Shield class (Marathon, Lightweight, Commando, Shield) and goes on the other team. No-one can shoot, only Riot shields can bash. Runner has to run away, and the Shields have to kill him. When the Runner dies, he switches teams and changes to a Riot Shield class. Whoever kills him changes teams and switches to a Runner class. Repeat until desired level of fun is attained.

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28-02-2010, 15:11   #4
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Originally Posted by Goat_Boy_jones View Post
Oh.. you can do that mode is by only killing people by throwing flash grenades first... so everybody can see the light...
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Hunt the booster - best game mode of all
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01-03-2010, 12:58   #6
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Originally Posted by Onearmedbandit View Post
Hunt the booster - best game mode of all
Easy to do, if one guy is killing another guy several times in a row without dying....then turn free for all into TDM with the boosters on one team and everyone else in the other. Highlight where they are on the map at all times

that would put an end to it all!
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02-03-2010, 10:36   #7
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Originally Posted by Onearmedbandit View Post
Hunt the booster - best game mode of all
Is there any quick way to send a message to fellow FFA players to suggest everyone gang up on boosters?

If you go after them yourself, sometimes other FFA players don't know the rules of the game have changed and kill you!!
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