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10-05-2006, 14:02   #1
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Wikipedia Mess-Up?

People say Wikipedia is unreliable and I'm beginning to see why - unless, of course, this is fact...

Kenny,who became a devout scientologist in the early 1970s started his career as a TV broadcaster when he became one of the presenters of RTÉ's award-winning thrice-weekly Today Tonight current affairs programme in the mid 1980s.

Anyway, I'm sure there are plenty more goof-ups/pranks on Wikipedia - would love to see some !

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10-05-2006, 14:05   #2
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In 1951, Hubbard formed Scientology,
other sites say 1954

What's wrong with it?
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10-05-2006, 14:05   #3
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10-05-2006, 14:07   #4
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Wikipedia found unreliable! READ ALL ABOUT IT! READ ALL ABOUT IT!

Page 3: Nekkid OP doesn't know how to cite properly!
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10-05-2006, 14:48   #5
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From the same link:

Pat Kenny (born January 29, 1978)
So unless our Late Late Show host is 18 years my junior, I think someone is having us on!
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10-05-2006, 14:50   #6
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The first question to come into my head was "Why would anyone want to look up the Plank in Wikipedia??"
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10-05-2006, 14:52   #7
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"Mondo", popular tabloid nickname for Cathal De Buitleir (1988-) one of Ireland's most notorious youth gang leaders. The teenaged North Dublin criminal came to Irish media prominence with his ongoing appearance in spoof RTE reality televison show "Daddy, There's a Pikey In My Class", a fly-on-the-wall documentary series following De Builteir's misadventures in an exclusive South Dublin boarding school. Despte numerous allegations of criminal activity made against him, De Buitleir has yet to face a court, due to his habitual intimidation of both State witnesses and members of An Garda Siochana.
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10-05-2006, 16:51   #8
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Originally Posted by holly_johnson
The first question to come into my head was "Why would anyone want to look up the Plank in Wikipedia??"
My thoughts exactly
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10-05-2006, 19:10   #9
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Joys of Wikipedia. They're changing the log-in/registering system because they may have libelled someone due to what was written about said person...
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10-05-2006, 19:13   #10
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Wikipedia themselves can't really mess up. The whole idea of a Wiki is that anyone can edit or create new information, that's how it works.

I could say Britney Spears was born in Dublin, it's me being stupid, not Wikipedia messing up.
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10-05-2006, 19:17   #11
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There's plenty of non publicly editable encyclopedias such as Britanica, although these require payment AFAIK, so i suppose if your not happy...
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10-05-2006, 20:02   #12
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very interesting stuff i found in the edits page

This began an intense and bitter rivalry with Late Late Show host Gay Byrne. The rivalry extended to the production crews, which resulted in each show's (female) producers being involved in a cat-fight in the RTE canteen. Both producers were given suspended sentences.

Nickname in college was "The Plank" because of his tendency to 'get wood' at inappropriate times. Is reported to have bedded over 40 show girls. Was once a trainee priest, but was forced to leave the seminary over allegations of sexual relations with a nun. Was once suspected of being "The Midnight Commando", a Batman-style vigilante who fought night crime in late 1970s Dublin Once claimed to have travelled to space in "a giant hat". No-one believed him. Except Sven. Was recently associated with huge shipments of rhoyhypnol into Ireland Sleeps naked in a polythene bag which he believes gives him great sexual prowess. Hobbies include bending hot ones into unsuspecting interns. Reputed to have introduced the phrase "sweating like a rapist" into the vernacular after using it while he thought that the mike was off on his morning radio show. Likes to get bonged up when he has some free time. Is very superstitious and insists on eating a newborn baby mandrill before each episode of the Late Late Show. Has been known to do his weekday radio show in the nude on occasion. Avid music fan who has a record collection of over 120,000 albums. His lifes ambition is to meet and interview Mr. David Hasselhoff.
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10-05-2006, 20:10   #13
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Kenny as a longtime journalist, though able to handle 'heavy issues' is seen as 'a prick' and 'trying too much' when he moves to lighter topics
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10-05-2006, 20:19   #14
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Originally Posted by NoelRock
People say Wikipedia is unreliable and I'm beginning to see why - unless, of course, this is fact...
So your IP address is then?
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10-05-2006, 20:24   #15
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''Nickname in college was "The Plank" because of his tendency to 'get wood' at inappropriate times''
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