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01-02-2006, 21:07   #1
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Problems with Digiweb

Just looking to see if anybody else has been having the same problems as I have with them.

About three months ago, I decided to sign up for Satallite broadband with Digiweb despite that whole Satlynx debacle back in April. I live in south Co. Sligo, and the exchange closest to my house hadn't been upgraded to support DSL as yet. I needed something with at least 256k up, so I went for the SkyStar Plus package. I made out a bank draft for the appropriate amount, filled out the application, and sent it off to them.

Several weeks later, I had yet to hear any word back off them. I was getting rather annoyed at this point, so I emailed them about the delay. They emailed me back to say that they'd been having difficulties sourcing the equipment, but that they'd be able to process my order soon.

Another few weeks, and no delivery. In the meantime, the exchange was enabled for DSL shortly before Christmas, so I contacted them again to ask them to change my order over to one of their DSL package. They said that was fine, and I contacted them a little later to give them the details for the phone line. I was told to expect the DSL modem in the new year.

When it didn't turn up, I contacted them again. They told me that the account number I'd given them was incorrect (the Tele.2 one rather than the eircom one), so I dug out the bill and gave them the correct one. I was told it'd be set up for me in ten working days.

Just over fortnight later (last week), I contacted them again to find out why I still hadn't received the modem. Here's what I received:

The DSL connection is indeed overdue and the DSL department believe this is possibly because it was an ISDN line. Nevertheless this is expected to be completed within the next two days.

I have e-mailed the accounts department regarding the refund and expect a reply shortly. I will contact you once I have more information.
That was last week, and I've given them several extra days in addition to that to get their house in order. I emailed the following to them earlier today:

Hello Keith,
Following completion we will have the modem issued, this should be done on Monday.
I have received neither the balance of the amount I paid nor the DSL modem/wireless hub. If I don't receive the DSL modem by tomorrow and a cheque refunding the balance of what I paid originally by Tuesday, I am demanding a full refund of what I paid immediately. If not, I can only assume the you are acting in bad faith and do not intend on fulfilling my order and will take Digiweb to court to get my money refunded.

I have spent several months now trying to get your company to supply me with a broadband package. This situation is ridiculous and can't continue. This situation is costing me money and I can't afford to wait any longer.
I emailed that to them this morning and I have yet to hear anything back.

They've had a grand and a half of my money for these past months and after repeated attempts to get them off their arses to fulfill my order, they're doing nothing. Am I alone in being subjected to this crap?
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01-02-2006, 21:18   #2
Sponge Bob
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ISDN = Show stopper , I am astonished that your line passed for ADSL ...and at least they let you off the hideous VSAT install costs and 1 year contract unlike some others.

is it still ISDN , if so an eircom engineer is due out to you for the downgrade
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01-02-2006, 21:32   #3
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I know, but they should have done that four weeks ago.

Originally Posted by Sponge Bob
ISDN = Show stopper , I am astonished that your line passed for ADSL ...and at least they let you off the hideous VSAT install costs and 1 year contract unlike some others.

is it still ISDN , if so an eircom engineer is due out to you for the downgrade
Yup, I know it's a showstopper, and that's part of what I'm so pissed with them about. That should have been sorted out four weeks ago, and they should be the ones contacting me about this nonsense rather that me having to bug them continuously about doing something.

I mean, if they'd just emailed or called me every so often to show that they were actually making an effort to fulfill the order, I'd say fair enough. Hell, I'd even be happy if they'd carried out the original order! But they're not doing anything at all. It's as if they're just hoping that I'd get bored and give up so that they can keep the cash.

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