Happy birthday to Boards.ie, 22 today! Woo!

In 1998, John Breslin made the very first post on what would become Boards.ie. Initially it was a forum for discussing Quake (a video game) and the first post is still in the Quake forum. We know how people love to talk so bit by bit new forums were added and the site grew so that members could talk about other things like college, work, sports, politics and so on as well as the original members adding more and more of their friends and growing the community.

In the fast-moving internet age it is an achievement that we have made it through 22 years of internet and are still here. Without users and our mods, cmods and admins we wouldn't be here at all so to say thank you to you all for 22 years of fun and heated discussions, WE are giving YOU some gifts. It's not The Late Late Show so there isn't one for everybody in the audience but we do have some very nice prizes lined up.

We will open a new competition every day for the next 10 days (Mondays-Fridays), starting tomorrow Thursday 13th February. I'll update a list here as each one opens so check back each day or check the homepage for announcements.

Users can enter as many of the competitions as they like. Competitions will remain open for one week each with winner(s) being randomly chosen at the end of that week and notified in the thread and by PM.

To give you an idea of what the prizes are we have some tickets to different experiences, restaurant vouchers and hotel stays. Oh and a large electronics item but we don't want to spoil the surprise so we're keeping it quiet, sshh

Now who's for some cake? Baked by Mark, savaged by the rest of us