Hi all,

Over the last couple of days, there have been users spamming explicit Private Messages containing a suspicious link. As is standard practice, an automated email is sent from boards.ie (no-reply@boards.ie) to users to alert them of a new Private Message, which contains a preview of the message.

The Admins and the dev team have been working hard to try to keep on top of things and ban these users and delete the PMs that they have sent (but it is not possible to delete the sent emails).

Do not click on the link sent in the email/Private Message. If you open a message on the Legacy Site that seems suspicious, please report it by clicking on the little warning triangle in the top right corner of a message. You can also raise awareness of a profile that is sending unsolicited PMs via the Spammer Notification Thread.

It is possible to turn off email notifications for private messages via the User Control Panel under Private Messaging.

We would like to reassure users that there has not been a data breach. This is the Private Messaging service being abused and the email notification system working as it ordinarily does.

In light of these issues, Cloudflare security has been ramped up. Unfortunately, while we're trying to strike a balance, some innocent users are being caught up in these measures and encountering issues accessing the site or certain features. With Cloudflare and technical issues occurring, it may be wise to copy posts before you attempt to publish them, just in case.

We have also gotten questions about the now unsupported app. When Cloudflare ramps up, it seems that the app is no longer able to access the data that it needs to function. While these issues are ongoing, we recommend using touch.boards.ie for mobile browsing.

We apologise for the disruption and hope that normal service can resume soon.