Basically, I am looking into doing a bit of singing, nothing major just at home.
I have been recommended this:

Now, noone sells these, Ive looked, but the most similar thing with 25Watt and that has treble, bass and gain, I found are these(
Fender Champion 40 Combo
Marshall Code 25
Fender Mustang GT 40
Fender Champion 50 XL
Fender Rumble 15

Which of these, if someone can recommend, matches the features, in the link I am after, or if there is an alternative or other cheaper option, but that has all the things I need which the one in the link has, please recommend. My budget is 150E. I found the Marshall Code 25, for 70E, someone close to me selling, but I am not sure, if that will match with the one I have mentioned in the link.

Note: Sorry mod if I posted this twice, I am not entirely sure what the correct forumn is.