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09-07-2019, 18:26   #1
Ben Crosbie
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Roscommon garage to replace flywheel and clutch for my automatic gearbox?

Hi I live near roscommon area.
Tried many garages and none of them seem to do the job for me because my car has an automatic transmission and that they dont have the tools for the job.

Pulling my hair out trying to find a garage. I could try do it myself but I work 7 days a week and have no time to do it.
It had an expensive rattle fixed by a dealer costed me 1700 to get the flywheel and would make sense to replace the clutch anyways.

Then later on probably over a year or some time, the same rattle came back so I took it back and they said there's noise from the clutch and they want me to cough up 1700 for the job again.

Well they know where to shove it. My car is a Volkswagen Passat and its a 1.4 tsi DSG 7 the dealer I went to was Volkswagen.

I try avoid getting the job done there again if i can help it. It's an awful ball of money and no other garage wants to touch it or have the tools for the job?

Pretty sure there's plenty of dsg's around even the flywheels normally give trouble in them and the same rattling is doing my head in.

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09-07-2019, 20:33   #2
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Not sure about Ros now but ring
and see what they can do for you
Or perhaps they know someone closer to you
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09-07-2019, 20:38   #3
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There's a well respected VW specialist in Portlaoise called George Dalton. Give him a shout and see.
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09-07-2019, 21:05   #4
If it was only a year or so ago and the same part has failed again, surely it's covered by the warranty on the first job? There is 2 years parts and labour cover on anything a VW dealer does. If VW have confirmed it's the same component that's failed again, ask them why the warranty isn't covering it?

I'd be hesitant of taking it to an independent who doesn't specialise in them or they wont be long about wasting €1700 on you. DSG boxes can be tricky to those who aren't familiar with them. We've taken a few in at work where have a go heros have went at them and its ended up costing the owner far more in the long run.

What symptoms are you getting?
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09-07-2019, 22:24   #5
Ben Crosbie
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Cheers lads for the recommendation. that was quick replies.

Portlaoise is a biteen far for me and need somewhere a bit closer
Went as far as Sligo and Mullingar garages with no joy which baffles me.

Getting tired of travelling around and calling. It can't be hard to find a garage that does dsg transmissions?
yeah I thought there should have been warranty even the others said.

Service person says they can't fix it again for free. Have you driven it hard? I said no i haven't driven it hard, I mind it very well have the car 5 years and shes about 260k on the clock when it got changed and that all they can do is change them again for 1700

I told him to shove it. Didn't say anymore to him. Might get a solicitor. need to get the car booked somewhere as i dunno how long it'll hold up.
There's a rattly sound from the engine bay.

Rattles when you rev it up or when the revs change or taking off is when it rattles the most and some slight jolt when taking off. rattles when idle too.
its driveable but a pain to listen to.

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19-07-2019, 18:51   #6
Ben Crosbie
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Found a place! In longford. JK car service its at the back of longford car parts and my car is taken in as your man reckons hell have it done no problem. Ill see what the end result is ðŸ‘🼠Sorry for the late posting.
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