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24-11-2009, 02:10   #1
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No going against the sunshine. (Charter Amended - Feb 15th, 2010)

Yeah I know that sounds stupid. Basically if you don't agree with what someone is happy about then just don't post. Simple as. Any one who does will have their posts deleted and maybe more......*

*No I don't mean that in a phone sex chat line type of way.
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03-12-2009, 13:40   #2
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Regarding Pictures...

Pictures in this forum are for smiling at. Or for laughing at. Or for going 'awwww' at.

This is not a forum to post pictures of people you think are hot. There are existing threads in other forums for pictures of these type to ogle at.

This also extends to pictures that depict cruelty.

Thank you my pretties
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04-12-2009, 15:44   #3
Jesus Wept
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About this forum:

We feel that ToTheSea: put this best when he suggested that this forum be created...

Originally Posted by ToTheSea:

A place where we can say how much we love something, talk about the kind stranger we met today and their good deeds or chat about things that make us feel good.

A place for someone to tell the world how much they love milk/working in retail/foreigners/Dublin! Talk about the little things in life. For instance I love when I order a take away and it arrives just as my favourite show is about to begin or when your watch your favourite film for the very first time. It's just brilliant!

The world can be very negative and to have a place to be positive can only be a good thing.

Altogether now...

...Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

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15-02-2010, 03:47   #4
Jesus Wept
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Promoting Events / Facebook

If you wish to promote an event that you feel is of interest to the users of the forum, contact a moderator first for approval.

Do not post links to Facebook.

If you feel that your group/page ties in with the general ethos of the forum and that it will add something, PM a moderator and they will discuss it with you.
Do not post without the approval of a moderator.

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