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Fulton Crown
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Hosehold Charge - First big Test ?

Big Phil has bet the money on this one ...for his credibliity he has to make it stick.

Will middle Ireland be forced to pay up I've stumped up an now I'm depending on the Govt to ensure everybody who can afford to stumps up also.

Be really pissed off if a large cohort refused to pay and got away with it...really pissed off.

Take the TD'Ds agin it....interestin to see what happens to them....clearly identifyable...will be expecting them to see the inside of a cell or have the charge deducted from their salaries .

High wire stuff Phil...more depends on it than possibly you realise.

I will be certainly regarding it as an important Govt bell weather
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OP, there is already an active thread on this topic running on the main page of the forum.

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