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This forum is for all who are interested in meteorology and those who wish to learn about and discuss weather events which are current, historical, local or global.

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2. Everyone is entitled to post and has equal rights whether they are weather experts or complete newbies.

3. If you wish you to challenge someone's views (on the topic of weather) then please question the post, do not just attack poster.

4. Stay on topic.

5. No trolling/goading posts which serve only to aggravate other users.
5.1 Calling People Snow Bunnies will fall into this Category

6. No advertising or spamming.
Students may ask for assistance with assignments, surveys, research design, data collection etc. This exception is to facilitate student learning; it is NOT to be used business or marketing purposes (the latter should contact hello@boards.ie).

7. If you have a problem with a post then report it.

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Our category moderators are currently Black Swan and Lumi

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10. Signature Rules
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