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26-06-2012, 18:42   #1
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Boards Dynasty League

Hi there, just setting this thread up to see what sort of interest there would be in playing a Dynasty League on here. We can decide our settings if we get enough interest, but it is like a larger scale Keeper League, where you will keep all or most of your roster. Then there will be an annual Rookie & free agent draft, where you add to your roster by drafting NFL Rookies and any free agents (players not on the league's rosters). This obviously requires the same players coming back every year (hopefully) as it would be more fun to build up your own team than a replacement player taking over your team.

Masked_man posted in the general talk thread on the American Football about this, and credit to him for the idea. Right now we have 3 players (I assume he still wishes to play) so post here if you want to join. All experiences welcome - for me it will be my first try at this! Any Q's just ask, there's some more general info here
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26-06-2012, 19:07   #2
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I'll give it a go
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26-06-2012, 19:19   #3
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I'm in
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26-06-2012, 19:37   #4
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26-06-2012, 19:57   #5
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26-06-2012, 20:00   #6
eagle eye
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26-06-2012, 20:02   #7
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I'll give it a go
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26-06-2012, 20:07   #8
Masked Man
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UCD AFC clearly more popular than me

This was the format I suggested

Originally Posted by Masked Man View Post
I was thinking this format:

8 - 12 teams on

30 player rosters

Starting positions:
3IDP (1DL, 1LB, 1DB) - wouldn't mind adding more IDP and having a flex option
- for those like me who don't know much about IDPs

Annual FA/Rookie draft.

I'd like to have a budget for waviers/fa as well, but I'm not that pushed about it.
Seeing as we have 9 people interested already we should make a decision on number of players. My vote would be for 12.

Who's the third person mentioned in the op ucd?

Last edited by Masked Man; 26-06-2012 at 20:12.
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26-06-2012, 22:55   #9
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mayordenis is the other player

I'd be happy with 10 or 12 players, btw.
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Thanks from:
26-06-2012, 23:04   #10
Mr. Guappa
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26-06-2012, 23:10   #11
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In if not full.
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27-06-2012, 08:17   #12
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27-06-2012, 16:31   #13
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If available I'd do it.
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27-06-2012, 22:17   #14
Xfire Elect
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If there's any space I'll take part!
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28-06-2012, 20:14   #15
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If everyone is happy to cap it at 12 (imo best suited to Dynasty) - this is the list I have (apologies to those who posted too late)

2. Masked_man
3. mayordenis
4. CoachTO
5. Spongey1975
6. JaMarcus Hustle
7. barbarians
8. eagle eye
9. adrian522
10. Mr. Guappa
11. UnitedIrishman
12. BigBadRob83

is everyone happy with the general format masked man has posted above? I think having 1DL, 1LB and 1DB is the way to go as this simplifies your drafting a little bit (not worrying about 2 starting in one position and not the other etc.) I would be open to a D Flex if everyone else is also. Could you explain what you mean by the budget on FA?
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