Hi all,

I bought a cheap 1000mw laser head here


When a user review said you could just plug it into a usb power supply/battery and burn stuff. Cool, and a nice upgrade to boyhood burning stuff with a magnifying glass.

It works. I plugged it into a usb battery pack and can point it to scorch small pieces of wood etc.

Now I got laser safety goggles too after reading warnings.

The problem is that it will only focus and burn within a couple of inches of the lens, after precisely focusing the lens to the target length/focal length.

I've 200mw laser pointers that by design focus to infinity/long range.
At 200mw you can practically see them in daytime, and this is 1000mw.

Any optics/physics heads here know if you can get replacement lens that would focus to infinity ?

I believe the lens size is M9 P0.5.

Ideally, I'd like to point it down the garden and burn things... maybe mount it to a pan and tilt camera etc... nerdy playstuff.

Any ideas?
Or is a laser engraver lens inherently by design unable to focus to infinity/long range ? Or like a camera, would you have to auto-focus it precisely at different lengths ?