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27-06-2020, 00:16   #16
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It works but you have to go to checkout for it to register, your basket shows full price.
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27-06-2020, 00:54   #17
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IS it worth it in the long run ?
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27-06-2020, 01:01   #18
Dogg Munde
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Originally Posted by 893bet View Post
It’s 200 pods not 200 euro. Which you can have as cheap 110 euro.

Tough crowd around here.
It’s boards. People read the first few words and skim through the rest
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27-06-2020, 01:03   #19
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You can get a decent moka pot and coffee grinder, plus half a years worth of coffee, for a little above the same amount of money. The coffee will be better and cost way less than the capsules, too - saving you money in the end.

These machines aren't worth it even when they're free. Especially as this one is ridiculous enough to reject non-standard capsules.
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27-06-2020, 02:03   #20
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Originally Posted by torrevieja View Post
IS it worth it in the long run ?


Unless you intend to use up your free pods then bin the machine its not. Much better to get a cheap Gen1 Nespresso machine and have ample pod options long term.
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27-06-2020, 06:14   #21
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Have a bean to cup machine myself,

Paid about 185 euros from the amazon warehouse about 4 years ago,

You can buy any coffee bean you like for it and so much cheaper then nespreso I am talking about 14 euros a bag of 1K coffee and that’s for good beans online

You get about 120 cups for 14 euros this weeks out 11.5c a cup of fresh ground coffee that’s the very same as what you get in a coffee shop

If you like coffee buy a bean go cup there amazing value for money
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27-06-2020, 06:25   #22
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Originally Posted by Dogg Munde View Post
It’s boards. People read the first few words and skim through the rest
Its what?
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27-06-2020, 06:35   #23
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Originally Posted by Dogg Munde View Post
It’s boards. People read the first few words and skim through the rest
Nowhere in the post does it mention €110, so you can see where peoples confusion is coming from.
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27-06-2020, 07:20   #24
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Nespresso are such bastards for making you buy this.....Oh will....

Let’s look at the choices.

So the cost of this is any where from 110-130 euro or so depending on which 200 pods you select. Let’s call it 120.

For that 120 you can

1) Buy 200 pods, add no machine, pay 120, stare at pods at home wondering why the **** you bought them.

2) Buy 30 Starbucks or go local and get 40 coffees in your local cafe.

3) Buy 500 of the older variation Aldi pods (assuming you have a old machine to use them)

4) Save up some more and buy more bean to cup things a magig if that’s your thing


And the purpose of this thread is similar to the first option,

6) Buy the 200 pods, add the machine, still only pay 120, and drink that coffee.

Lastly, which is what I suggest a lot of the posters do:

Take the 120 (have it in 5 ers preferably with a twenty wrapped on the outside so you feel rich), fold it over so you think you have twice as much again, and shove it back up your tight arse with the rest of your holy communion money for safe keeping.
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27-06-2020, 09:02   #25
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Tempted but having 5 coffee machines is bad enough + a perculator.
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27-06-2020, 09:13   #26
Gooey Looey
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I was always a filter coffee man. I changed to Nespresso years ago and wasn't long changing back to beans. The reason wasn't the price, I felt guilty about all the waste going to landfill.
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27-06-2020, 09:16   #27
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This is a decent deal. Got one recently when the machine cost 99 euro with 100 pods free.

Still liking it and just bought a bunch of pods last week. If you like a mug sized coffee it’s great.

This deal can be had for 90 euro if you choose smaller espresso sized pods.
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27-06-2020, 09:29   #28
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I got a Nespress Vertuo in January, coffee is great and really handy and recommended it to parents and inlaws, but now the pods ares starting to add up, spend about 50E a month on pods, yes cheaper than going out for coffee but its still a fair whack. Interested in this Delonghi Idea... they all seem to be about 500-1000 quid though on currys.

Originally Posted by bk View Post
For €200 you would be better off on looking out for the €240 deals that pop up from time to time on Delonghi Automatic Bean machines.

Ok, it wouldn't include the coffee, but bags of beans are so much cheaper then Nespresso pods, it will be cheaper overall after just a few months.

I went from the original Nespresso Machines to a Delonghi a few years ago, at the time I wasn't sure given the expense, but it has worked out as one of the best investments I've ever made. If it broke in the morning I'd buy a new one straight away without hesitation.
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27-06-2020, 09:31   #29
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Originally Posted by Gooey Looey View Post
I was always a filter coffee man. I changed to Nespresso years ago and wasn't long changing back to beans. The reason wasn't the price, I felt guilty about all the waste going to landfill.
This bothers me also a little and is actually one of the reasons I use the Nespresso pods as they will take them back in recycling bags. I drop them to the boutique once every few months.
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27-06-2020, 10:02   #30
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Bought this a few weeks ago, initially wasn't going to buy because they didn't accept compatible pods. Changed my mind and really happy I did, coffee is good and I only drink a cup a day so pods don't feel that expensive to me.

This is a good deal if you want a nespresso machine
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